An aerial view of the Madison skyline featuring Lake Monona, Monona Terrace, The Capitol building and Lake Mendota in the background

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One City. One Contract.℠

Want to reclaim your time? Your piece of mind?

One City. One Contract. is a streamlined system that lets you focus on your meeting, not negotiating with multiple hotels. A first-of-its-kind, city-wide collaboration to make your life easier.

Big-name brands? Independent hotels? One contract seamlessly stitches all of Madison's hotels together. No repetitive negotiations at individual hotels. No tedious copying of clauses. Just simple, thoughtful, common-sense planning. The way it should be.

And the contract? We asked planners what they wanted and crafted terms with you in mind. 

Mutual respect born from conscientious collaboration. See what One City. One Contract. means for you.


Madison hotels rallied together to provide events no attrition risk, until 11 months out from your convention through 2024, for groups needing over 200 peak rooms and using either Monona Terrace Convention Center or Alliant Energy Center.

At review time, pending recent room block history and hotel demand over the event dates, you may be able to lock in attrition commitments for up to 50% of your contracted block and hold the remaining block as a courtesy until you or the hotel request further commitments. This allows you to better understand attendance behavior over the next several years before fully securing future room blocks. Read the fine print.


Force majeure, change in management, bankruptcy, renovation, and remodeling are all the same. We worked with meeting planners to create a contract with you in mind.


Hotels rarely mutually indemnify the group to start. We do. Our hotels will agree to indemnify your group without having to ask.


If the hotel reaches 95% occupancy over the contracted peak blocks, your group will not be charged. And attrition is based on lost profit, not lost revenue.


We know you don't intend to cancel your event. But we understand extreme circumstances. So we'll treat you fairly. Our cancellation fees are based on lost profit and returned if the rooms are resold at an equal or greater value.

So if you seek simplicity. And value common-sense. And want powerful tools designed specifically for you. Madison's your sort of city.

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One City. One Contract.

One City. One Contract. is a revolutionary way to do business. One contract seamlessly stitches...

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