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Experience Application Form

Application deadline: July 30, 2019

  • Collaborate with Destination Madison and Joe Veneto of Veneto Collaboratory to facilitate the development, creation, and staging of unforgettable, immersive, and new experiential products for leisure and group visitors
  • Have obtained organization authorization to provide ongoing, internal support and participation
  • Designate an authorized individual from your business to be the primary contact
  • Provide the necessary financial and human resources within your organization to achieve mutually agreed upon goals for the experience 
  • Design and directing the research based on your business for scripting and story development to support your experience, so Joe Veneto can provide guidance, direction, and support in development of the experiential product
  • Attend and participating in mandatory group and individual meetings facilitated with Joe Veneto on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to assist you in developing, crafting, scripting, and staging your experience(s); these will be scheduled and attended by a representative of the Destination Madison team, including 6 month and 9 month post development meetings
  • Complete mandatory action items and next steps provided by Joe Veneto and Destination Madison, following each meeting in a timely manner before the next meeting (schedule will be provided in advance)
  • Develop a year-round website (even if your experience is seasonal and a landing page(s)) that has a clear call to action for sales to support your new experiences
  • Provide website address to be linked from visitmadison.com
  • Include the Essential Madison Experiences logo on your Website and marketing materials
  • Provide a link from your experiences page to visitmadison.com
  • Create, develop and actively invest in a sales and marketing plan to support your experiential offerings and product sales efforts
  • Provide Destination Madison with outlined goals and a sales and marketing plan for the Essential Madison Experience
  • Report confidential monthly sales results with zip codes of participants to Destination Madison
  • Train staff and maintaining appropriate staffing levels to support new experiential product(s) to ensure sustainability of product experience
  • Promote your participation in the Essential Madison Experience series and ensure staff is responding to sales booking inquiries
  • As our partner in this project, provide 12 complimentary experiences to Destination Madison to be used by Destination Madison for clients, travel writers, and experiential development sponsors between February 2020 and May 2021
  • Provide complimentary attendance for other Essential Madison Experience Partners, Destination Madison staff, models for photography/video, and other PR professionals during evaluations/previews/tests of your experience(s) to assist in marketing and telling the story of the experience to visitors, travel writers, tour operators, conference, event goers and/or meeting/event planners
  • Perform tests and evaluations of developed experience until experience is scored favorably and proven ready for market
  • Agree to be a Destination Madison partner in good standing for the duration of the development and marketing of the Essential Madison Experiences
  • Communicate changes in key program staff to Destination Madison within an appropriate timeline
  • Agree to a one-time investment of $5,000 for development that equals (7) months of development costs, marketing assistance and professional photography and video. Payment of 50% ($2,500) will be due on August 30, 2019, and the remaining 50% ($2,500) due on January 31, 2020. In the unlikely event that a partner drops out of the program at any point in the development process will owe Destination Madison full participation costs.
  • Continue to sell and deliver your Essential Madison Experience as developed and be available for purchase at a minimum through December 31, 2022.
  • Participating businesses unable to meet deadlines may forfeit continuation in the program while still being required to remit remaining fees.

Essential Madison Experience Partners are also encouraged to participate in:

  • Media, travel or sales familiarization tours if requested by Destination Madison
  • Additional photo or video shoots if requested
  • Sharing of other partner experience materials to extend branding and boost each other’s’ sales
  • Other sales, marketing or content opportunities as they become available