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Photo by Focal Flame Photography

Photo Agreement

Photo Form Agreement

Destination Madison only accepts photographs as to which Destination Madison has the right to use for promotional or marketing purposes as set forth herein. By submitting the photograph(s) to Destination Madison, you represent and warrant that you have the right, or have obtained the right from the legal owner of the photograph(s), to grant Destination Madison the following:

General Terms of Use:

  1. Non-commercial purposes that directly promote the greater Madison area as a visitor, meeting and event destination.
  2. Promotion efforts for Destination Madison. Unlimited number of uses as long as the uses follow the guidelines below and do not diminish the photographer’s ability to sell images to outlets that would normally contract directly with the photographer.


Unless specifically negotiated, it is understood that images are not for the exclusive use of Destination Madison or its related entities. Alterations: Unless specifically negotiated it is understood that images will not be altered except for cropping, and adjusting lightness, darkness and color.

Specific Uses:

Destination Madison may use the images provided in the following manner:

  1. Organization and destination promotional use: print advertising, social media, web advertising, billboards, flyers, organization collateral materials
  2. Marketing campaign promotional use: print advertising, social media, web advertising, billboards, flyers
  3. Website content: visitmadison.com and madisonsports.org
  4. Press kits: use of images in electronic or print form
  5. Visitor Guide content: covers and images used on internal pages (headers, filler)
  6. Media request fulfillment: newspaper, magazine, trade publications, websites promoting Madison as a visitor/meeting destination
  7. Convention and event marketing support fulfillment: Materials produced by groups holding conventions or sporting events in Madison that are used to promote Madison as a place to meet.

Destination Madison agrees that the following uses are subject to further negotiations or permission:

  1. Community requests for general images of Madison
  2. Advertising for specific for-profit events
  3. Requests from others for use for commercial purposes


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High-resolution .JPEG and .EPS files accepted. No smaller than 700 x 500. Preferred image size is 1400 x 1000.

Please note: a file is successfully uploaded once a red 'X' appears in front of the file name. It may take a few moments for the file to load.

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