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What would you do with more time? More peace of mind? More simplicity in your work?

One City. One Contract. is a streamlined system designed to help you reclaim your time. A first-of-its-kind, city-wide collaboration to make life easier for meeting planners.

No more repetitive negotiations. No more tedious copying of clauses.

One contract seamlessly stitches Madison’s hotel brands together.

Exceptional ease awaits.

Meet in Madison.

Potent Planning

This is the way planning should be. One city coming together around you to make your meeting thrive.

Tired of the tedium of repetitive negotiations? Don’t rewrite indemnification and liability clauses. Don’t spend precious energy mired in inane reiteration.

One City. One Contract. makes the planning process simpler for you:

All room commitments can be adjusted up to 10% without penalty at a final review date.

Force majeure, change in management, bankruptcy, renovation, and remodeling are all the same. And they’re written from a client perspective.

For whatever reason, hotels rarely mutually indemnify the Group to start. We do. Our hotels will agree to indemnify your group without having to ask.

No double dipping. If the hotel reaches 95% occupancy over the contracted peak blocks, your group will not be charged. And attrition is based on lost profit, not lost revenue.

We know you won’t cancel your event. But, if you do, we’ll treat you fairly. Our cancellation fees are based on lost profit and returned if the rooms are resold at an equal or greater value.

Seeking simplicity?

Look no further.

Unprecedented Collaboration

Innovative ideas have always had a home in Madison. And nothing breeds innovation like collaboration.

Never before has a city wrapped itself around a planner to create effortless efficiency like this.

Big brands and independent hotels unite under a single set of terms. Combining iconic and distinctly-local brands creates an extraordinary experience your guests will rave about.

Explore the City

Combining hotels gives your guests full access to one of the world’s happiest cities.

Hotels are spread throughout Madison’s most desirable districts, giving guests a destination depth they’ll remember. From award-winning culinary culture, to unique experiences, they’ll encounter a vibrant city bursting with inspiration - all within a wonderfully-walkable city.

Madison makes your meeting exceptional. See why.