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Social Media Starters

Want to get your attendees excited about your meeting in Madison? Help them discover our destination. Here are some ready-to-go social media tidbits to get you started.


Craft drinkers rejoice! We’ve got a drinkable destination on tap. Join us in Madison, one of the top beer destinations in America.

World-renowned chefs and classic eats. Farm-to-table fare and Friday night fish fries. Want memorable menus? Join us in Madison.

Sizzling steaks and smoked fish dip. Shrimp cocktails, ice cream cocktails and old fashioned flavors. How do you supper club? Learn from the experts. Join us in Madison.

What does America’s largest producer-only farmer’s market look like? Join us in Madison and find out.


Badgers, ice cream and art. Want to explore one of America’s premier universities? Join us in Madison and explore Badger country.


Natural inspiration and distinct design. Frank Lloyd Wright’s work is unmistakable. Want to meet Mr. Wright? Join us in Madison.

Do you know Frank Lloyd Wright? He’s America’s most famous architect. And his work inspired and inspiration. And you’ll meet inside one of his most famous designs. Join us in Madison.

Active Living

We know you enjoy being active. Even on the road. That’s why we chose the fittest city in America as our next meeting destination. Join us in Madison.

Like to explore when you travel? Stretch your legs and discover one of America’s most walkable cities. Meet us in Madison.

How do Madisonians explore their city? On two wheels. Here’s everything you need to know about getting around in one the best places on earth to bike.


Excited to travel to Madison for our next meeting, but don’t know how to fill your free time? Check out these sample itineraries. Designed with free time in mind.


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