A bartender makes an Old Fashioned cocktail
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Supper club cocktails fuel all-night fun. In this multi-course meal, start with a sip of something classic. Pair your steak with a nice red. And end with an ice cream nightcap.

A taste of tradition with modern flare is always on the menu. Take your pick of these masterful martinis and classic cocktails served Madison-style.

Cherry Lime Bourbon Collins

The result of mafia roots paired with prohibition patronage? One of Madison’s oldest supper clubs, Wonder Bar Steakhouse. And their drinks? Just as full-bodied as their history.

Try the Cherry Lime Bourbon Collins, a twist on the Tom Collins. Rich bourbon with a sour punch. Classic Luxardo cherries add an Italian accent to round out a flavorful cocktail.

Smoky's Martini

An old-school gem housed in a building with a prohibition-defying history. Welcome to Smoky’s Club. A classic atmosphere with a menu overflowing with traditional drink and unique spins.

One of those tasty twists? Smoky’s Martini. The herbal taste of gin. The smoke of scotch. Just a kiss of vermouth. Topped with a hand-stuffed blue cheese olive. Hand-poured perfection filled to the brim.

Old Fashioned

Supper club style with upscale flare. Tornado Steakhouse is one of the hottest spots in Madison for those seeking tradition. Enjoy with your meal in the main dining room or late night in the Corral Room lounge.

And what should you get at this local favorite? You have to try the old fashioned.

Brandy – that’s how you know you’re in Wisconsin – flows over muddled oranges and cherries. Add some sugar, sprinkle in bitters and top with a garnish. Order it sweet, sour, or press.


It’s a place where politicians held court and Badger fans cheered. Regulars and newcomers alike pour in for a Friday night fish fry. That’s Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club, a supper club where after-dinner drinks shine.

Green in color, topped with a cherry and big enough to share -- few ice cream cocktails are more iconic than the Grasshopper. A luscious blend of crème de menthe, crème de cacao and vanilla ice cream. It’s a drink you could share, but won’t want to.

Pink Squirrel

Searching for sweets? Avenue Club and the Bubble Up Bar, a revitalized supper club just steps from the Capitol Square, has you covered.

A velvety mix of vanilla ice cream and distinct flavors make up the decadent Pink Squirrel. Add in essence of almond from Crème de noyaux and chocolate notes of crème de cacao. A blanket of whipped cream and almond shavings round out this pink drink that originated in Milwaukee.

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