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Twice a year, we award grants to youth sports groups.

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Youth Grant FAQs

What is the best way to turn in our grant?

All applications should be submitted electronically through SurveyMonkey. Additional materials, such as recommendation letters and W-9 forms, can be sent via email to Applications will not be considered complete until two letters of recommendation are received. The deadline to submit a completed application and all additional materials is 5 p.m. CST on the noted date.

Yes, you should fill out the entire application including the two (2) letters of reference. If you have questions about the grant please contact a MASC staff member or email

Can I review a sample application?

Click here to view a sample application. This sample should only be used for reference and all applications should still be submitted electronically through SurveyMonkey.

What types of initiatives can I apply for?

The philosophy of the MASC youth grant is to meet the sporting need of the community and encourage creative ways to get Dane County youth into sports. It is permissible to apply for items such as scholarships, equipment, transportation and in special cases capital construction. For questions. please contact a MASC staff member or email

What dollar amount should I apply for?

Any dollar amount is accepted. However, it is recommended that a figure up to $8,000 is requested, along with a minimum you would accept to advance your initiative. The philosophy of the committee is to spread funds as widely as possible.

Should I apply if I am a past MASC grant recipient?

Returning applicants are welcome to apply again whether a grant was received or not. However, if you have been awarded a grant, are applying for the same initiative and your first grant hasn’t been closed, it is recommended that you first complete the follow-up survey prior to re-applying for the same initiative. If you have questions please contact a MASC staff member.

Can one organization put in multiple requests in one grant cycle for different initiatives?

Yes, however, it is recommended that the requesting applicant(s) be aligned in the event grant review committees have questions about your respective applications.

Is an organization permitted to apply for the same initiative multiple years?

Yes, however, it is the preference that the prior year be closed out. It is also the preference that the applicant focuses on compelling reasons to continue applying for the same initiative for more than three years.

Grant cycles typically run in June and November and the grant application will be posted at that time. 

If you have additional questions about the MASC Youth Grant program, please email us at