People playing hockey on a frozen Lake Mendota
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A festival every weekend of February? Unheard of. Outdoor festivals in the middle of winter? You’re crazy. Who does it? Madison. Yessir you heard that right. We’re a city that loves winter, what can we say! Get immersed with these upcoming festivals.


Scandihoovian Winter Fest, Jan. 31–Feb. 2
Scandi-who? What? Scandihoovian Winter Fest is what it is! This Mount Horeb event celebrates the town’s Scandinavian heritage by wearing red point hats, bowling with frozen turkeys (yes, you read that right) and playing broomball. Want to know what all that means? Check it out for yourself.

Madison Winter Fest, Feb. 1–3
A fest where you have the best time! Learn how to ski, race a fat bike on the snow or enjoy the live music this festival has to offer. There’s truly no better way to celebrate Madison’s winter.



Frozen Assets Festival, Feb. 8
Ice skating. Sleigh rides. S’mores galore. We promise you won’t get bored. Offering free activities all weekend, this festival is perfect for family fun.



Midwinter Gypsy Swing Fest, Feb. 14–15
Gypsy jazz and all that pizzazz. Swing your partner ‘round with live music at this vibrant fest.

Pour'n Yer Heart Out, Feb. 15
Arts and crafts but with a flare. Master the art of iron pouring while creating your own cast iron. Workshops and classes alike will make you a pro in no time.



Wisconsin Historical Museum Open House, Feb. 21
Celebrating Black History Month, this free open house offers speakers and art exhibits that highlight the history of African Americans. Head to the UW-Madison campus website for more events such as tasting different types of cuisine from African culture at the Black Cultural Center and much more!

Madison Carnaval, Feb. 22 & 29
Join in on the traditions of Carnaval, put on by show-stopping Madison talent. Hosted by High Noon Saloon and Majestic Theatre, this event brings the Brazilian heat to Madison’s winter with music, dancing and more.

Capital Brewery Bockfest, Feb. 22
Local food and Local brews means fun for you. Grab a blonde wig and your blonde ale to join in on the entertainment. This annual event features a few banana costumes and lots of memories made.



International Festival, Feb. 29
Madison isn’t only about local, we’re a cultured bunch too! See for yourself as you enjoy the 30 free performances at the Overture Center. Taste food from around the world. Immerse yourself in the art. Learn about the performers who call Madison home.

For more February fun, check out our events page!