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Did you know the CrossFit Games (AKA the Super Bowl of CrossFit) is happening this August 1 – 6 in Madison?

Regardless of if you've ever tried CrossFit — or even heard of it — you should still check out the CrossFit Games.  

Why? Glad you asked.

1. It's a fitness mecca

Learn about new trends from industry experts and try new products that could change your fitness game, all at the vendor village, which features many of the top brands in fitness. No promises, but there tends to be a lot of cool freebies to pick up.

Pro tip: The city comes alive during competition week. Use this as a chance for you and your friends to try new restaurants, discover local shops, and enjoy the beautiful Madison community. Find it all here.


2. See the best of the best

The CrossFit Games is all about crowning the Fittest on Earth. You will be amazed at the sheer power and strength of these athletes from around the world. CrossFit is comprised of a huge variety of athletic and physical challenges, so no matter what your preferred fitness activity is, you will find something your style — and hopefully new workout ideas, too!

3. Walk away inspired

After watching everything from rope climbs and powerlifting to handstand walks and rowing, you’ll want to leave the Games and immediately hit the gym. “If they can do all that, I can go for a walk/jog, right?” CrossFit is a welcoming community open to people of all body types and ability levels.

Pro tip: Want to see an incredible show of athleticism? Check out the Adaptive division competitions, featuring elite athletes who have a wide range of physical and neurological ability levels.

4. Get connected

CrossFit is a global community full of people from all walks of life. Meet new people who share your interests, or link up with friends you haven't seen in years.


5. Fitness attire is the norm

No need to dress up! Keep it casual with your workout favorites and stock up on new gear to take home.

Pro tip: Looking to switch up your fitness apparel? Event sponsor NOBULL is ready to help you look and perform like the pros.


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