Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected by the health, business, education and daily life impact of COVID-19. The priority now is ensuring the health and well-being of the people who call the greater Madison area home, as well as that of the past and future visitors.

We have gathered a number of local and national resource links to help businesses and residents navigate this difficult time. We thank our elected officials and agency personnel, non-profit leaders, and especially our healthcare workers who are on the frontline of this public health pandemic.

Looking for info on visiting Madison during COVID-19? We’ve got you covered here.

Our Recovery Strategy Priorities & KPIs

Destination Madison has identified six paths to recovery, which we’ve developed in conversation and cooperation with our partners. You can view each of the priorities and their corresponding KPIs below.

Recovery Priority #1

Implement a creative, year-long marketing/storytelling program to inspire travel to Madison.

• Reach 1.5 million website pageviews (near pre-pandemic numbers)
• Increase of at least 15 percent in social media following (alongside increased engagement)
• Host a minimum of 15 travel writers in 2021

Recovery Priority #2

Pursue aggressive sales and sports plans to ensure competitive market advantage and to invigorate the economic engine those markets provide our community.

• Generate 100 leads
• Exceed 54,000 room nights
• Achieve a minimum of 2,080 touchpoints with meetings, events and sports planners

Recovery Priority #3

Engage in and support Downtown's recovery and revitalization to preserve Madison's reputation as a vibrant and desirable destination.

• Enhance positive perceptions of Downtown
• Increase Downtown pedestrian traffic

Recovery Priority #4

Create and foster connections between public entities, private partners and stakeholders to rebuild our economy.

• 2,300 partner & community touchpoints
• Participant satisfaction (survey)

Recovery Priority #5

Elevate and embrace Diversity Equity Accessibility Inclusion (DEAI) inside and outside the organization to design and promote a welcoming environment and physical space for residents and visitors.

• Develop DEAI advancement roadmap for Destination Madison by engaging community partners, Board and staff.

Recovery Priority #6

Propel the recovery of Madison's tourism industry by ensuring critical funding is secured for Destination Madison, and vital regional workforce is recruited and developed for hospitality partners.

• City contract in place by August 30, 2021
• Implement a Workforce Development Task Force to address the workforce shortage and issues in the Madison region