Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected by the health, business, education and daily life impact of COVID-19. The priority now is ensuring the health and well-being of the people who call the greater Madison area home, as well as that of the past and future visitors.

We have gathered a number of local and national resource links to help businesses and residents navigate this difficult time. We thank our elected officials and agency personnel, non-profit leaders, and especially our healthcare workers who are on the frontline of this public health pandemic.

Looking for info on visiting Madison during COVID-19? We’ve got you covered here.

Destination Madison Partners: Ensure that your listing is current with updated COVID-related amenities so visitors can support your business. Check out this how-to guide for instructions on updating your amenities.

Public Health Order FAQs

Public Health Madison Dane County initiated Public Health Order #16 recently. Destination Madison worked with Public Health to provide details on what this order means for your business. Click the + symbol below to get answers to these frequently asked questions.

Can you explain the outdoor distancing requirements?

Social distancing is required in gatherings; however, in outdoor retail settings social distancing is not required when people are in transit as the risk is deemed low when people are in transit. Note: At entrances, exits and in lines, distancing is still required in all settings. An example of an outdoor retail setting is a Farmer’s Market, flea market, sidewalk sales.

Are employees required to mask outdoors?

Employees are not required to mask when outdoors, but if they are transitioning between indoors and outdoors the employee does need to have a mask on when re-entering indoors. Additionally, businesses may implement stricter policies than Public Health Madison Dane County require, such as wearing a mask when outdoors.

If all employees and attendees are fully vaccinated are we able to discontinue the use of masks and social distancing?

Yes, if all employees and attendees are fully vaccinated a gathering does not need to use masks or social distancing. This applies to both indoor and outdoor events (note: masks are only required indoors). Anyone who may enter the event must be fully vaccinated, including employees and vendors. Children under 16 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, meaning the exemption would not apply if any unvaccinated children are present. Details are available in Section 9 of Emergency Order #16.

If hosting an event of fully vaccinated individuals where masks and distancing will be waived, it is the host's responsibility for implementing a system for verifying that everyone is fully vaccinated. *Fully vaccinated is defined as at least 14 days past the final dose. The method of verification is determined by the host. It is recommended as a best practice that the host and host venue share and discuss the verification process.

Can a gathering have a vaccinated and unvaccinated sections?

Yes, it is allowed to have vaccinated and non-vaccinated sections, as long as they are both clearly marked and separated by at least 6 feet. There can be no co-mingling between sections. Masks and distancing are not required in the vaccinated section. Capacity limits would still apply.

How much of Dane County has been vaccinated?

You can find updated statistics here. Please encourage those you know to become vaccinated.