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Partner with Us to Make Madison Memorable
When people visit Greater Madison, their first impression of our community is built upon the experiences they have: what they do, where they stay, what they eat and who they meet.

We work with more than 500 partners including businesses, nonprofit organizations and community stakeholders to welcome visitors to our community in a way that leaves a lasting impression. As a result, we generate great experiences, repeat visits and positive press—all of which create important economic impact within our community.

Warm Welcome

We welcome the following new partners:
Café Costa Rica
Club Tavern
Crema Cafe
First Business Bank
Murphy Desmond S.C.
Outdoor UW—Home of Wisconsin Hoofers
Pizza Brutta
Take Five Lounge
The Victorian of Cambridge


Upcoming Events 
One of the perks of being a GMCVB partner is admission to free educational events throughout the year!

Spring into PR: This March 21 event focused on helping partners plus up their PR efforts. More than 100 partners enjoyed access to industry experts, Q&A time and free breakfast! If you missed it, watch for the April Partner e-News for highlights and how-to tips.

Celebrating our Tourism Stars: We will culminate National Travel & Tourism Week with a special event on May 9 at Overture Center for the Arts—and partners are a big part of that celebration! Look for your invitation in early April.

Coming Soon: Sector-Specific Events. This year, we will be inviting small groups to participate in events that focus on specific business sectors, starting with The Complete Guide to Customer Satisfaction. Invites and information will be sent soon! 


The Power of Partnership

Tourism is a billion dollar industry for Dane County. The economic benefit that visitors bring to our area translates into a healthy economy that affects resident income, job creation and continued enhancement of the quality of life we all enjoy. A few facts:

  • On average, 14 million people visit Dane County every year
  • These visitors spend approximately $1.7 billion in new money at hotels, restaurants and retailers plus recreation and transportation
  • This spending supports 19 million full-time equivalent jobs in Dane County

As a partner, you'll have the opportunity to be the first in line to welcome these visitors—and their dollars—to our community. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a partner.