RPGs with Madison Traditional Gaming

2835 Commerce Park Dr.
Fitchburg, WI 53719

Play RPGs with the Madison Traditional Gaming club! (Mad Trad)

Every Tuesday at 6:00

This group plays a wide range of both newer and out of print RPGs. Pretty much anything other than 5th Edition D&D.  (For that, check out The Adventurer's League on Monday nights)

New Players will need to sign up with the group. You can start by visiting/joining their Facebook Group for more information. Or, drop by some Tuesday night before 6pm to talk with the organizers so they can work you into the following weeks' tables!

Current Game Groups

  • Mutant Future
  • Blood and Gold
  • 2e AD&D
  • Tales from the Loop

Don't see a game you like? Come in and suggest a game, or run one!
More info about this group and event details