A bowl of salad with lettuce, mandarin oranges, beets, and feta cheese

Photo by Focal Flame Photography

Veggie Friendly

Find vegan, vegetarian and veggie-forward options at nearly every restaurant in Madison.

Vegan & Vegetarian

No meat? No problem. Madison is a heaven for herbivores. Many of the city's eateries including cafes, brew pubs, brunch spots and even Ian's Pizza (their infamous mac n' cheese pizza can be ordered vegan!), offer plant-based and veggie-forward options making dining out a cinch.


Farm to Table

Farm to table restaurants your sort of eats? Madison's always got something fresh on the menu.

On the Waterfront

With five lakes, Madison is bound to have some great waterfront restaurants. Brunch, lunch or...

Outdoor Dining

Enjoy the energy of State Street? Love sitting lakeside? Scenic supper views? No matter your vibe,...

Wisconsin Culinary Experience

Madison is known for its food scene and our flavors exemplify the true Wisconsin culinary...

Breweries & Cideries

Award-winning. Suds slinging. Tastebuds singing. Madison’s beer scene is bursting with flavor....

Wineries & Distilleries

City-center spaces creating craveable craft. Modern mead – sparkling and hopped. Madison's...

Breakfast & Brunch

Bacon to bloodys. Fresh-baked treats and mid-morning munchies. Looking for Madison's best...

Ice Cream & Sweets

Madison's visitors have never had it sweeter. Pair your ice cream and sweets with a great cup of...

Fish Fry

Madison is hooked on fish fry. Beer-battered. Pretzel-crusted. All you can eat. We don't care,...

Tours & Tastings

Madison has food events and tours for every foodie. From ice cream to artisan cheese. Love craft...