931 E. Main Street, #1
Madison, WI 53703

Established in 2016, Origin Breads is a small bakery in Madison, WI, dedicated to baking small batches of handcrafted and long-fermented sourdough breads and pastries using organic grains grown and stone milled in the Driftless Area. For us, baking is an art. Flour, water, and salt are our media. The fermented dough is our canvas. But to find the real beauty in our baked goods, you must tear through the rustic shell to see, smell and taste what lies within. With every loaf, we honor the hard work of our farmers and millers by using time-honored baking techniques that coax maximum flavor and nutrition out of the organic grains. You can purchase our baked goods from our retail bakery, grocery stores, co-ops, restaurants, and cafes in and around Madison. We are also members of the Dane County Farmers Market and Eastside Farmers Market. Every Wednesday, ORIGIN Breads also holds a weekly pizza night with our neighbors, Giant Jones Brewing Company, where you can pair our sourdough pizzas with their organic beers.