Underwood Events

6193 Washington Cir.
Milwaukee, WI 53213

The Underwood Events team is a deep well of fresh, creative ideas. Our expertise in designing and orchestrating over-the-top, immersive events has been refined over two decades in destination management. Underwood Events experiences impress and we enjoy close partnerships with the most sought-after vendors and venues in the region who want to be part of them.

Underwood Events has attracted a team of the top corporate event planners in the region as well as a hospitality team of more than 140. Each team member embraces the culture of high-touch service that goes beyond what is expected. We love our work, and it shows in the events we create and manage. The team is genuine, hard-working, grateful and honestly, just kick ass at what they do!

An Underwood Events conference, meeting, cocktail party, city tour, rally, meet-and-greet, concert, annual meeting or other function will be a one-of-a-kind experience. But even more, it will be meticulously planned. UE believes client events communicate who they are. Every detail is intentional, in content and design, to reinforce client mission and objectives.

Underwood Events designs and executes events of all sizes. Our experienced team handles everything, from strategy planning and travel concierge services to executive-level event execution. We specialize in managing very large events – thanks to a team that’s hugely talented. UE regularly transforms venues into magical settings that astonish clients and guests.

Trendy events are fleeting, but authenticity is forever. The relationships UE builds with clients are based on mutual respect, openness and a drive to give the best to every client and every event, every day.