Tenney Park Ice Skating
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The City of Madison Parks Division provides an extensive list with details about the 6,000 acres of parkland in the 260 parks that Madison has to offer. Check out their website for a full list of parks, their amenities, their locations and an interactive map of Madison parks. Dane County Parks offer just over 5,000 acres of recreational park lands to explore. Go to the Dane County Parks Website for a full list of parks and locations.



Off-Leash: Our best friends have a place to run, roll around in mud, meet (and sniff) new four-legged friends and even catch a Frisbee! Madison has eight off-leash exercise areas for dogs and their human friends. Dane County also has seven off-leash dog parks.

On-Leash: There are 26 City of Madison on-leash park locations. In addition, the Dane County Parks Division allows dogs on-leashes in all Dane County operated parks. Permits are required and can be purchased here.

**Please remember that dogs are not allowed (even on-leash) in most parks, children's play areas, beaches, athletic fields and conservation parks.



With welcoming waters spread throughout the Madison, you’ll find frequent beachfront fun. Madison’s majestic lakes offer beautiful views and activities for all. Swim, fish, play or relax at one of these sandy shore-side sanctuaries.


Lake Monona

  • BB Clarke Beach Park
  • Olbrich Park Beach
  • Bernie's Beach Park
  • Esther Beach Park

Lake Mendota

  • Tenney Beach
  • Spring Harbor Beach Park
  • Warner Beach

Lake Wingra

  • Henry Vilas Beach


Lake Monona

  • Brittingham Beach
  • Marshall Park
  • Olin Park

Lake Mendota

  • James Madison Park

Lake Waubesa

  • Goodland County Park Beach

Beaches in Greater Madison

  • Stewart Lake County Park Beach — Mount Horeb
  • Fireman's Park Beach — Verona
  • Governor Nelson State Park — Waunakee
  • Troll Beach — Stoughton

Madison's beaches usually open in early June and remain open through September. Please check beach conditions before enjoying your day in the sun.


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