A woman in a bright yellow "Volunteer" shirt hands race bib to a kid and their parent for the IronKids race.

Focal Flame Photography

Submit Your Volunteer Opportunity


When submitting a volunteer opportunity, please review the checklist below. If your opportunity meets all or most of the criteria, please submit for our review. Thank you!

  • The volunteer opportunity is a specific opportunity for volunteering; it is not a promotional offer (discount or special price off regular activities/services). 
  • The volunteer opportunity is open to the public and is a drop-in opportunity that does not require multiple training days. 
  • The volunteer opportunity is likely to appeal to out-of-town visitors who can participate while they’re visiting town. 
  • The volunteer opportunity is not a demonstration, protest, or religious service. 
  • The volunteer opportunity takes place in Dane County (with limited exceptions made for partner organizations outside of Dane County). 
  • Include a high-resolution photo in JPEG format with dimensions of 1400 x 1000. Volunteer opportunity posters are not preferred. 
  • Include a volunteer registration link for visitors to find more information about the opportunity. 

Please note: Volunteer opportunities are not automatically posted. Opportunities submitted are reviewed to ensure guidelines are met and the information provided is complete. Destination Madison reserves the right to edit text and images or reject submissions entirely. A notification email will be sent once the submission has been reviewed. 

Please be sure to select 'Volunteer' under the event and primary category.