Warner Park

2930 N. Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704

Though distinctive for its natural beauty and expansive tracts of land, Warner Park is primarily defined by its links to the community. Occasionally, the park plays host to a variety of social happenings such as charity walk/run events and community festivals. The colorful shelter is popular for reunions and parties, while other notable attractions include the off-leash dog park, beach, and frequented boat launch. However, despite the wide-range of interests that the park tends to attract, patrons share a common ground by using Warner as a place for gathering, promoting healthy activity, and facilitating sincere, cultural exchange. This unique aspect of Warner Park clearly reflects in the Warner Park Community Recreation Center (WPCRC). Its mission to provide innovative growth and enrichment opportunities for the Madison community connects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, Warner is home to such summer favorites as Madison Mallards ballgames. Parking is not allowed on the grass or along yellow-painted curbs. When the parking lot is full, which is often the case during Madison Mallards home games, you will need to find alternative parking areas.

Outdoors & Sports
  • Baseball/Softball Field:
  • Basketball Court (Half or Full):
  • Beach:
  • Boat Launch:
  • Dog Off-Leash Park:
  • Fishing:
  • Football Field:
  • Ice Skating:
  • Open Field:
  • Picnic Shelter:
  • Playground:
  • Recreation Center:
  • Restroom:
  • Shelter-Rentable:
  • Sledding:
  • Snowshoeing:
  • Soccer Field:
  • Tennis Court: