Lake Sports & Recreation
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The Greater Madison area is a mecca for recreational opportunities because we offer four seasons of fun! Whether you enjoy winter sports such as skiing or skating, love to be on the lakes (or in them!) for everything from sailing to swimming, or are ready to give golf a try, you'll wish you could spend all year here in Madison, Wisconsin.

If you've visited before, you know we boast about having more bikes than cars, and with more than 200 miles of scenic biking and hiking trails to explore, it's no wonder Wisconsin is accustomed to earning accolades in this area. Plus, more than 260 parks and beaches become a backdrop for everything from exercise to memorable moments captured on camera.

Madison now features two new ways to explore regardless of the season. Follow a University of Wisconsin student through an aquatic adventure. Paddle through the placid waters of Lake Mendota as you learn its storied history. When winter blows into town, take a surreal snowshoe walk over the lake’s frozen waters to get a distinct view of Madison. Both are part of a new line of hands-on experiences designed to take you deeper into Madison’s unique culture.

If spectator sports are more your thing, sit back and enjoy nearly every event a fan can wish for, from football at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to national cycling championships, hosted in many of our surrounding communities.

To search for sports and recreation experiences, simply use the database below to search by location or keyword. When your results are displayed, click to discover details about amenities and activities. Or, check out sample itineraries for ideas to incorporate into you personalized plans to visit Madison!

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