Support local restaurants! These take and bake options and family style meals will fill your belly with delicious food, and your home with delightful smells. Madison area restaurants update their menus with meals that range in difficulty from simply heating, to making a wonderful mess in your kitchen.

Pita, falafel, chicken and other take and bake items from Banzo


Warm up with a Banzo Take & Bake Family Meal. Includes Majadra Rice, Marinated Chicken, Falafel balls, Chopped Salad, Hummus, Pitas and Sauces. Everything is fully cooked — just heat and serve. Place your order.

A plate of food at Brasserie V

Brasserie V

In addition to ready-to-eat menu favorites, Brasserie V offers numerous take and make family style meal kits. Choose from Carbonade Flamande, cassoulet, shepherd’s pie, soups and salad, and saffron crab and corn risotto. Order online.

A plate of lasagna from Campo di Bella

Campo di Bella

Farm-to-table meets take and bake. Campo di Bella’s to-go store includes a traditional northern lasagna Bolognese and vegetarian tomato lasagna, house made and frozen in ready to bake to-go containers. Available for pick-up only. Order online.

Take and bake meals from Cento in containers


Skip a trip to the grocery store and pick up a family style take and bake lasagna, available as a half pan (2– 3 servings) or full pan (4 – 6 servings). Other family style pasta options are available, hot and ready to eat. View the menu.

A take and bake meal option from DelecTable


Try a new dinner with one of DelecTable’s mouthwatering take and bake Tuesday meals. Options include vegetarian tempeh and cauliflower biryani, chicken and dumplings, a crab cake dinner and more. Order must be placed by 3 p.m. Monday for Tuesday pick-up. View the full menu.

Take and bake strawberries and cream biscuits from Hubbard Avenue Diner

Hubbard Avenue Diner

Hubbard at Home has a variety of comfort options for your take-and-bake taste. Choose savory kits like quiche or biscuits and gravy kit. Or sweet treats like sweet strawberries and cream biscuits kit and cookies. Mimosa kits available for pairing. Order online for pick-up or delivery.

A chicken slider from L'Etoile


L’Etoile Fine dining goes family style. L’Etoile’s Family Meal & Wine Cellar menu features seasonal produce and flavors, with new offerings each week. Choose from two or four portions and add on curated wine pairings if you‘d like. Order online and pick-up Thursdays through Saturdays.

A brisket sandwich at Longtable Beer Cafe

Longtable Beer Café

In addition to ready-to-eat menu favorites, Longtable offers family style take and make meal kits. Choose from Smoked Chicken and Rice Tortillas and BBQ House-Smoked Brisket. Available for 2 – 3 or 4 – or by phone at (608) 841-2337. Order online or by phone at (608) 841-2337.

Plates of food from Madison trEats sit out on a table

Madison Treats

Madison trEats heat and eat meals feature local products from diverse producers. Meals have a fun theme and rotate every few weeks, with some prep or minimal cooking. View current offerings.

Ready-to-bake pies from Meals by Cassoulet

Meals by Cassoulet

The Sun Prairie based Meals by Cassoulet offers homemade freezer meals, portioned for two, four or six. Their expansive online menu has options for breakfast, dessert, deli, dinner, appetizers and more. Order online or shop in-person.

A to-go box of meat and buns from Morris Ramen

Morris Ramen

For a fun and comforting meal, order Bun-dles and Ramen Kits from Morris Ramen. Kits require some light cooking – you'll heat ingredients like buns and fillings, as well as their delicious broth and need to boil fresh noodles. Order online.

The checkout counter at Pasture and Plenty

Pasture & Plenty

The grab and go freezer at Pasture and Plenty is always stocked with farm fresh food ready to reheat. Choose from a variety of soups, pastas and entrees made for two. Or, join their weekly meal kit program. Browse the menu.

A pizza-making kit, with dough, from Roman Candle

Roman Candle Pizzeria

Take and bake, with a touch of DIY. Roman Candle’s Pizza Kit is fun for the whole family. Kits include five toppings, four balls of dough, pizza sauce and plenty of cheese. Order online.

Three take and bake meals from Willy Street Co-op in their containers

Willy Street Co-op

Choose from several take and heat meal options, including red curry tofu & cilantro-lime rice, BBQ pork shoulder and rosemary roasted potatoes, and roasted vegetable lasagna with garlic bread. Available at all three store locations. Order online or shop in-person.

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