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Madison Skyline
Photo by Cassius Callender

Top 10 Things to do in Downtown Madison

When my husband and I were looking to move and upgrade our Madison-area home a few years back, I really only had one requirement. It had to be close to downtown. Even with my student days behind me, the Capitol and isthmus continue to call my name on a regular basis. Now as a local business owner…

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Winter Activities for Kids

Days might be the shortest in the winter, but they can feel like the longest for parents or caregivers trying to keep kids active and engaged while cooped up inside the house. Fortunately, the Madison area boasts a wide range of family-friendly adventures for kids and parents alike to keep their…

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Rooftop Restaurants with a View

Eight rooftops you've got to try Winter's gone. You're itching to ditch the cabin fever. Not much beats finding a rooftop to soak up some sun or take in awe-inspiring views. Here are some of our favorites. The Hidden Gems Smitty's Study Pub One of Madison's best-kept secrets is Smitty's Study Pub…

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