Chef Tory Miller talks to a table of people while they eat their meal at Graze

Sharon Vanorny

Culinary inspiration that warms the soul

Madison is where food scientists, producers, brewers, distillers, makers, and chefs intersect to create culinary stories incredible, inclusive, ownable and sustainable. There’s the chef who started a side hustle raising pigs prized for their flavor. A farm family who worked with UW-Madison to repropagate an heirloom corn variety in their quest to create a one-of-a-kind bourbon. A couple who wanted to elevate the traditional supper club idea and ended up on New York Times' 2022 America's Best Restaurants.

Madison's culinary scene is decorated. We're talking 42 James Beard award honors, including 4 Best Chef: Midwest. And when it comes to farmer's markets, ours is the biggest deal. Literally. We're home to the largest producer-only farmer's market in the country. A place where you can meet the farmer who grew your food and the chef who will prepare it hours before your reservation. 

No matter how many times you've tried Madison's food, there's always something new, with rotating menus and specials that draw from what's in season. It's time to find your new favorite restaurant in Madison.

The Dane County Farmers' Market Late Winter Market is an all-in-one culinary event where you can buy fresh produce, taste locally-baked treats and stop at Garver Feed Mill's bar for a seasonal drink after you shop.

Where farm to table began

You never know who you will run into at the Dane County Farmers' Market. Many local chefs shop the farmers' market in the morning for ingredients featured on that evening’s menu. Enjoy the market all year long at the Holiday Market at Monona Terrace and Late Winter Market at Garver Feed Mill.

Cheers to our world-class craft beverage scene

Becoming one of the 5 Best Drinking Cities in the World doesn't happen overnight. Our craft beverage scene began with breweries but has expanded to include wineries, cideries and distilleries that create some of the best grain- or grape-to-glass drinks you've ever had. Beyond the makers, you'll find bars throughout the city that take handcrafted approaches to making innovative cocktails you can't find anywhere else.

Don't drink alcohol? This scene is still for you. There's no shortage of mocktail and NA beverages in Madison, helping make us #1 in 100 Best U.S. Cities for Living Sober.

Don't forget the cheese

We share our deep love for cheese with the rest of the state. But what makes us different? The cheese in Madison is elevated, crafted by mongers and charcuterie mavens who curate complimentary flavors that honor the classics and challenge the norms. Madison is a great tapestry of cheese curds ranging from squeaky to beer battered. They're everyone's favorite start to a meal and souvenir to take home.