Without alcohol doesn’t mean without fun, flavor or options. Sober curiosity is on the rise, and, as always, Madison is in front of the trend. The best non-alcoholic options in Madison have woven into the fabric of our nightlife, fine dining and even craft beverage culture. It’s easier than ever to choose a mocktail, for whatever reason you want.


It's easy to get the full social experience of a bar, without the liquor.

Blind Shot Social Club has the largest non-alcoholic bar program in the state, offering a mocktail menu that’s as carefully crafted as their cocktail menu. They also offer non-alcoholic spirits by the bottle to take home with you (not to mention a full restaurant and golf simulators!).

Some of Madison’s most beloved high-end restaurants offer mocktail menus, like Mint Mark in the Atwood neighborhood, Merchant and Heritage Tavern in Madison’s downtown, and Eno Vino at the city’s west side and downtown locations.

For when the vibes are a bit more lowkey, check out mocktail menus at Settle Down Tavern and Lucille on downtown's historic King Street, I/O Arcade Bar on Willy Street (drinks AND games? Score!) and Buck and Honey's in Monona.


Breweries and Distilleries

Even the people who have dedicated their lives to the craft beverage scene value a good NA drink.

Octopi Brewing in Waunakee brews Untitled Art’s line of NA beers, featuring flavors like mango dragonfruit sour and west coast IPA.

State Line Distillery’s eastside taproom offers NA versions of some of their seasonal rotating cocktails and classic cocktails.

For soda fans, Karben4 is home to Wisco Pop Soda and Sparkle unsweetened waters. Both beverages are made proudly with whole, organic ingredients.


Fun fusions

NA drinking isn’t all about mocktails. Some of the coolest bars in Madison aren’t just bars — they’re a fusion of different experiences.

Hodge Podge in Verona and Nitro Beverage Lounge in downtown Madison are combination coffee + cocktail bars serving well-thought-out caffeinated beverages that rival the most decadent cocktails (both spots also offer mocktail menus, too!).

Is kombucha more your style? You can pick up Madison-based Rude Brew Kombucha at stores across the city including Willy Street Co-op and various farmers' markets throughout the Greater Madison area. Stop by NessAlla Kombucha at Garver Feed Mill to try their craft-brewed kombucha.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the spots to find NA beverages in Madison. With new and improved mocktail menus and alternative beverage options popping up all the time, we recommend you look for menus ahead of time. And don’t forget to come back to check out seasonal menus and rotating specials!