A wide view of the Madison skyline featuring Monona Terrace and the Capitol building in the background.
Photo by Cassius Callender
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Ashley Pettay

Ashley loves walking her dog, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and baking. She's a former journalist and ice cream enthusiast who loves all things pop culture. You can catch her working as the Social Media and Content Coordinator at Destination Madison.

How to Enjoy an Outdoor Getaway in Monona

What makes the Greater Madison Area a great place to visit? Our surrounding communities. Each has its own personality and they come together to make Greater Madison a must-experience travel destination. In Monona, that personality is centered around access to some of the region's most impressive…

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Why You Need to Check Out Maxwell Street Days

Open-air shopping at deep discounts is the name of the game in downtown Madison each year on the third weekend of July during Maxwell Street Days. The epic sidewalk sale has been a Madison tradition on State Street for more than 45 years and continues to uphold the expectation of being Madison's…

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Hidden Gem Gardens to Discover in Madison

Gardens have held spaces as special places throughout time and culture. Consider Monet's gardens that inspired some of the greatest Impressionist art of all time, Victory Gardens that kept families fed during World War II or the use of gardens in literature like Pride and Prejudice or Alice in…

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