Leave a place better than you found it should be the mantra of every visitor, explorer, beer drinker and human. We each have a responsibility to sustainability in Madison, Wisconsin - not wasting, not taking advantage of resources, not littering and being kind to nature. We’re only given one Mother Earth; let’s take care of her.

It’s no secret that brewing beer, distilling spirits and making ciders takes plenty of natural resources. But there are many people and facilities along the Madison On Tap Craft Beverage Trail who take care to do things the right way. 

Earth Day has been celebrated for more than 50 years to bring awareness to sustainability initiatives and celebrate those who are excelling at them (oh, and did you know it started in Wisconsin??). So this Earth Day, let’s raise a glass to those people and businesses in Madison who make some of our favorite beverages while also caring for our planet. And don't forget to sign up now for Madison On Tap.>>

Old Sugar Distillery

This distillery is dedicated to making environmentally friendly choices and supporting others who align with their sustainable values. 

One way to protect the environment and support local, is by purchasing goods as close to home as possible. Old Sugar Distillery sources their glass from a Midwestern plant, ensuring a high standard when it comes to emissions and eliminating the need to ship glassware across the oceans. 

Old Sugar also takes an extremely proactive approach to cutting their own emissions with a rooftop full of solar panels. Their 10kW DC solar electric system generates enough of its own electricity to offset 13.2 tons of CO2 emissions. Good spirits for good causes!

Grumpy Troll Brewery

We often think of grumpy trolls living in the wet, dark shadows underneath old bridges. We also know that being grumpy usually doesn’t make a person care about too much. Not so with Grumpy Troll Brewery. They’re focused on utilizing the sunshine on their roof with solar panels. Not only are these people actually not all that grumpy, but they also appreciate the sun and caring too. Cheers to this brewery for trying to rewrite the grumpy troll narrative. 

State Line Distillery

State Line Distillery has a ridiculous amount of pride! Not only does State Line Distillery care about the future generations, they also honor and respect the original caretakers of the land they’re on with a Native Land Statement on their website. 

While its the job of the distillery to make damn good spirits, they also believe it’s their job to cultivate the bounty of Wisconsin, preserve its beauty and enrich its culture. And we’re here for that! 

State Line Distillery sources their grains from local fields and their botanicals come from local gardens. Enjoy their spirits by toasting to a life well-lived in the beautiful green country. 

Honorable mention

We want to send a special shoutout to Madison Gas & Electric’s Green Power Tomorrow program. This initiative utilizes renewable energy generated from wind and solar. Several breweries and distilleries get a portion of their energy used from Green Power Tomorrow.

Cheers to these craft beverage makers who make great products while also taking care of the land and resources they’ve been entrusted with. While we all want to enjoy the fruits of their labor today, we also need to ensure we’re protecting those resources so our future generations can also enjoy them. Join us in pouring a round for those who are doing things right!