A wide view of the Madison skyline featuring Monona Terrace and the Capitol building in the background.
Photo by Cassius Callender

Madison's Effigy Mounds Connect People Throughout Time

Standing atop the observation deck that wraps around the Wisconsin State Capitol, visitors gain a sense of the relationship between the landscape and the city. Two lakes, Monona and Mendota, push into the land, creating an isthmus. It seems you can see the whole story of Madison from that view. And…

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15 Places to Snowshoe in Madison

Tall, aromatic pine trees. Fresh sparkling snow. The crisp air cools your face, and you can’t help but smile as you admire the gorgeous winter scenery. This is a spot-on description of what it’s like to go snowshoeing in and around Madison. Unlike other winter endeavors that require a bit more skill…

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