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A wide view of the Madison skyline featuring Monona Terrace and the Capitol building in the background.
Photo by Cassius Callender

A Runner's Guide to Madison

On any given day in Madison, from below-zero mornings to balmy afternoons, you’ll see people running pretty much wherever you look. It’s a favorite activity here in the Capital City, so it’s no wonder that Madison has been named one of the fittest places in the country time and time again. With more…

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Biking 101: Madison Bike Shops and Bike Paths

May is National Bike Month, but here in Madison, biking is a beloved, year-round activity. With 75 miles of bike paths, 200 miles of trails and even a “Bike Barometer” next to the Monona Terrace that keeps track of how many bicyclists have passed by daily and yearly, it’s safe to say that our city…

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