A wide view of the Madison skyline featuring Monona Terrace and the Capitol building in the background.
Photo by Cassius Callender
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Christine Lampe

Christine has experienced Madison life through many lenses: as a UW-Madison student, an on-the-go parent, and as a Sr. Content Strategist at Destination Madison. In her spare time, you’ll find her hiking, biking, traveling, trying new restaurants and listening to live music.

5 Parent Pro Tips for UW Family Weekend

There’s so much to love about Madison in the fall—including watching the city come alive as UW-Madison students return to campus. If your own student has been too busy to follow up on your not-so-subtle “call me” hints and texts, fall also brings a don’t-miss tradition that will help you…

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12 Places to Find Live Jazz in Madison

Madison has earned its reputation as a place where you can find live music every night of the week, and jazz is just as prominent a player today as it was when aficionados flocked to the Wisconsin Union Theater to see Ella Fitzgerald. Our scene is inspired by a long list of influential clubs and…

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