Biking is for everyone in Madison, even those who don’t want to travel with their bike. You can leave your bike at home (if you wish!), with help from our friends at Madison BCycle.

Madison BCycle is an all-electric-bike rental company that offers more than 400 bikes across more than 70 stations in Madison and Fitchburg. BCycle’s app makes it easy to find a bike and get rolling. All you need to do is decide which bike trail in Madison you want to explore first.


How to BCycle

It boils down to a few simple steps.

  1. Download the BCycle app.
  2. Use the map to find a station near you and see how many bikes are available.
  3. Go to your chosen station and select it on the app.
  4. Choose your bike and select a pass.*
  5. Grab your bike and ride.
  6. Return your bike to any BCycle station within the time allotted on your pass.

*Single ride (30 minutes), monthly (unlimited 90-minute rides for a month) and annual (unlimited 90-minute rides for a season) passes are available. Additional charges apply if bikes are returned beyond the allotted time frame.

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Why BCycle?

BCycle has the largest fleet of bike rentals in the city, making it the easiest choice for biking while traveling. The do-it-yourself experience means you can bike on your own schedule.

New to e-bikes? That’s OK. Riding an electric bike is as easy as… well… riding a bike (lol) and there are added benefits you might not have thought of.

Ease of riding

The e-bikes’ electric motors give them just enough push to make riding up hills or other slow terrain easier. It also gives you a small boost of speed to help you get from one side of the city to another (think of how quickly you can get from Lake Mendota to Lake Monona!).

E-bikes make it easier for people with certain physical limitations to ride. The assisted ride alleviates pressure on the joints and allows you to exert less energy. You can still break a sweat, but one that should be easier to cool down from (maybe with help from a cool drink or ice cream cone).


Riding a bike instead of driving a car is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint.

In 2022, riders took 327,845 trips on BCycle e-bikes, which offset more than 869,749 pounds of carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of 1,351,091 miles driven by an average gas-powered car or 106 homes’ electricity use for one year!

BCycle stations are located conveniently near many of Madison’s bike trails and parks, making it easy to connect with the outdoors.

Explore Madison By Bike

Ready to explore? Sign up now for Madison By Bike to find four rides, each with their own vibe, around the capital city. Best part? You'll get an EXCLUSIVE BCycle single-ride discount code when you sign up (for free) for Madison By Bike. 

Find a ride that matches your vibe.


For the best experience, we recommend:

  • Always wearing a helmet while riding.
  • Examining your bike before riding, and contacting BCycle support in the app if you find any issues.
  • Planning your route ahead of time to match your biking abilities.
  • Staying hydrated to avoid injury.


NOTE: Given the size and weight of the bikes, BCycle e-bikes are recommended for adults 18 and older.