Winter in Madison, Wisconsin

Winter is wonderous in Madison, where hundreds of acres of lakes freeze over into giant playgrounds that let you literally walk on (frozen) water. Celebrate all the joys of winter with four weekends of frozen fests, snowy sports to keep you moving and cozy getaways that encourage you to create memorable moments of rest in between adventures

The capital city believes in supporting your resolutions big and small. Reducing your carbon footprint when you travel is easy in a city where sustainability is embraced with open arms. Our culinary culture will allow you to eat better, brighter and bolder. And there are tons of opportunities to learn at our free museums and galleries.

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Lady Liberty first made her appearance on Lake Mendota in 1979. The inflatable landmark was placed on the lake by UW-Madison students as a prank. She makes her return every year for UW's Winter Carnival.

Four Weekends of Frozen Fun

What's better than a frozen festival? How about three of them back-to-back-to-back? Madison's much-loved Frozen Assets and Winter Carnival return to Lake Mendota in February. New this year, Frozen Assets will offer two weekends of wintery fun with its frozen 5K, fashionable fundraiser and festival activities. New this year, take a journey of self-love in Monona during Self-Discovery Weekend, a series of workshops and classes aimed to breathe new life into the winter months.

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Culinary resolutions you'll love

2024 is the year to explore new flavors. Madison's fresh ingredients are on display year-round at events like the Dane County Farmers' Market Late Winter Market and Beer and Cheese Fest, where you get to vote on which artisanal cheese is the "Best of the Fest." Enjoying the best food goes beyond fests. Cooking classes and demonstrations at DelecTable and The Deliciouser will empower you to be your own chef at home.

Madison makes it easy to push healthy eating to new heights. Food lifestyles like vegan and plant-based eating are front and center and our booming craft beverage scene loves a good mocktail or NA beverage as much as we love the full-proof stuff.  

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Be inspired by art, culture and history

Embark on indoor adventures surrounded by dazzling works of art and one-of-a-kind historical displays at one (or several) of Madison's museums. Tours of massive Madison icons like the Wisconsin State Capitol and Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace place you right in the center of the city's greatest architectural feats. And don't forget to check what live music is bumpin' from our iconic venues including The Sylvee, The Orpheum and the Overture Center.

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